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Tutor the Future started in 2005 with six learners who were not happy in their current school.

The learners needed individual attention with special emphasis on reading, spelling, maths and study skills. The curriculum was outsourced to ensure a standardized education. Even though some of the learners had learning difficulties, the parents insisted on a good standard of education.Because of the small class and dedication from the teachers, learners and parents, this system worked. Fun was brought back into the classroom with very interactive lessons, with much participation from all. Learning spelling and timetables were done by singing, writing in the air, ball games and other activities.

As the learners progressed to the higher grades, a more structured approached was used. More teachers were employed and a second grade was added. The curriculum changed to a more book orientated system which tied in well with the Gauteng schools. The Clonard system is still used today. It has the fundamentals of teaching in place, with emphasis on Maths, English and Afrikaans. The curriculum is in line and approved by the Gauteng Education Department. The whole curriculum is covered, but only 6 exams are written twice a year. The other subjects are done in workbook format. This allows the learner to concentrate on the academic subjects needed for high school.



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3 Kayburn ave Randburg
-26.10897, 27.948390000000017
011 678 9923

In 2010 Tutor the Future expanded to 4 classes, grade 4 to 7. This required bigger premises and more teachers. It now runs from a house in Randpark Ridge that has been converted into 4 classrooms, a computer room, a staffroom, offices and a big garden for the learners to relax in. Tutor the Future believes in a well balanced education and incorporates Karate, computers and art classes. Educational outings take place throughout the year and all learners attend a 2 night camp. Speakers are brought in to discuss relevant topics which are under discussion in the Life Orientation classes. Study skills courses are also presented as well as implemented in day to day teaching. If possible, learners are integrated back into the mainstream as soon as they seem ready. This is after discussion with the parents, pupils and teachers. However, children that need that extra care will leave the centre at the end of grade 7 and a suitable school will be found. This is either in a high school home school centre, a high school with small classes or a remedial school. All home schooled learners have a right to enter the mainstream again. At private schools an entrance test will establish if the learner is capable and government schools accept learners according to zoning and age.

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Erica Milanovic
2015-01-26 17:39:03
My son was really lost in the big classes in primary school and started getting more and more withdrawn. Sue and her staff helped us through the adjustments with various medication and even when we decided not to medicate. They were always there to help with emotional support, regular feedback and always helping us through the challenging times. My son was there from half gr 4 to gr 7. He now started main stream high school. He is fitting in very well and he is participating in sport and he feels confident and positive and eager to learn. This would not have been possible without Tutor the Future and I will always be grateful as this would not have been possible without there input and support.
2014-12-02 09:14:35
We are looking forward to a successful 2015. With dedicated teachers and awesome learners teaching is so rewarding!

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