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School Link is a provider of a reliable, safe and courteous shuttle based transport service for children to and from school with a direct collection or drop off at your door.

Why Choose School Link?

Currently we are transporting over 1000 children daily.

We have a large fleet of modern, satellite-tracked vehicles.

Drivers receive regular training and assessments.

In-bus assistant to supervise and assist children, allowing the driver to focus on driving.

All staff are First Aid accredited.

Keeping you informed – SMS notifications of your child’s drop off.

We accommodate extra mural activities, allowing flexibility

Our address

-26.2041028, 28.047305100000017
082 338 7147


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2016-11-25 10:00:50
Do yourself a favour and do not sign up with School Link if you have to deal with the Franchise run by a lady called Alina (Joburg North). She is one of the rudest people I have had the displeasure of interacting with. She has no idea how to run a business. The routes that this bus takes are so illogical. Apart from the fact that my child mostly gets picked up over an hour later than the times we agreed on, the bus driver regularly picks up my child, drives past the street that my house is on, drives around with my child for 2 hours and then eventually returns to drop her off at my house in the dark. I live less than 10 minutes away from my child’s school. Despite the complaints that I have lodged with Alina (the franchisee), it falls on deaf ears and her conduct is extremely unprofessional as she puts me on a conference call to shout at her drivers with me listening to this. In any case, nothing has changed and I am happy to say that I have now cancelled their service.

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